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Q.1) What is reverse osmosis?

A.1) Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most effective and cost-efficient water system available today. RO systems work by pressuring water up against a semi-permeable membrane that stops contaminants from passing but allows clean, clear water to get through. Both health-related contaminants– such as lead and asbestos– as well as many aesthetic contaminants that can affect the taste, color and odor of water are reduced or eliminated by an RO system. A Reverse Osmosis system is an effective means of providing gallons of fresh drinking water at a fraction of the cost of premium bottled water.

Q.2) We’ve had bottled water for years and we’re pretty happy. Why switch?

A.2) There is an improved way to get drinking water that is better for you and for the environment. Acqua Coolers purified drinking water is equal or better in taste and quality. Our system is more hygienic and convenient. And, we eliminate the middleman, which makes our water much more affordable. Why have your water purified in some other city and delivered by truck to you when you can have it purified right in your office or home. We can all benefit from fewer trucks on the road.

Q.3) How much money could I save by switching over from bottled water?

A.3) Find out here (Click here to calculate savings)

Q.4) How many glasses of purified water should I drink per day?

A.4) 6-8 cups a day

Q.5) Does all bottled water come from a spring?

A.5) No, most bottled water companies use municipal water, which they filter or purify. In fact, two-thirds of all bottled water on the market today is purified tap water. Furthermore, before bottling, bottled water companies must add a preservative such as chlorine or ozone to give the water a 3 to 6 month shelf life.

Q.6) What is the difference between ‘spring’ water and Acqua Cooler water?

A.6) Many people have a misconception about bottled water. They believe the company bottles water from a spring and directly delivers it to you. In reality, in most cases, the water comes from a municipal water supply. Regardless of where the water comes from; the company must transport it to a processing plant to filter out bacteria and impurities. Acqua Coolers uses a similar system but we purify the water at your location giving you an endless supply of fresh drinking water.

Q.7) I am not sure if I have an available water source, how would I find out?

A.7) Not a worry! Give us a call and we will have one of our highly experienced technicians give your location a visit and assist you.

Q.8) What sets Acqua Coolers apart from other vendors?

A.8) At AcquaCoolers we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our rental customers don’t have to call us for maintenance, we automatically come out every 6 months. And AcquaCoolers rental customers NEVER pay for a service call.