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About Us

Why Acqua coolers

You can always expect from Acqua Coolers

  • Products and services of consistently exceptional value
  • Professional and dedicated service people to provide prompt service
  • Outstanding customer service that is superior to our competitors
  • Honest and ethical conduct including strict adherence to the WQA ‘Code OF Ethics’


“We put our promise in writing”

Preventive Maintenance Program

Many of the big companies have preventive maintenance plans, but come out once a year to even once every 18 months. Many of them also do not offer much more than a filter change, and charge you if they “do not feel the water was of bad quality” when you called them for service.

We strive for great service-better than our competitors-and our Maintenance Program is one of the ways we are successful in doing so.

Our Acqua Coolers Preventive Maintenance Program includes a six Point Service “Check-up”. A knowledgable and experienced Acqua Coolers Technician will service your drinking system two times a year. The Preventive Maintenance Program includes the following:

Preventative Maintenance Program

  1. Water quality check
  2. Temperature Control checked and adjusted.
  3. Cooler will be checked and serviced to insure that they are are operating at maximum efficiency
  4. Filters/ Membranes will be checked and replaced during the entire period at no additional cost
  5. Exterior cleaning of coolers
  6. Interior cleaning of coolers

The program is designed to insure you years of problem-free, high quality water, from a cooler operating at maximum efficiency.

(Free with Rental)

For 25 years, Acqua Coolers has been the water experts that more businesses rely on for their office drinking water. We also do specialized water treatment for coffee machines, ice makers, autoclaves, restaurants, dental offices, water for production processes and manufacturing, etc. AcquaCoolers has an experienced, dedicated service team on-call across Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties.

The local market leader in providing water to businesses, Acqua Coolers is a leading provider of filtered water coolers to businesses in southern California.

Acqua Coolers offers a broad selection of products and filtration technologies. We understand that businesses have different needs, and local water conditions vary. Let us customize a solution for you.

The Best Service in the Industry – Acqua Coolers has a highly experienced service team that stands behind every water cooler that we install. Our technicians handle even the toughest installs without disrupting decor or your operation, so you can focus on business and leave the water to us.